Students are overwhelmed academically especially as the semesters progress. The lecturers overload their students with a lot of work to finish the course syllabus on time. They want to keep in tandem with the school’s academic timetable. The students may feel discouraged by the tall stacks of study books that they require to research and write their documents. They imagine the possibility of spending their time studying, and writing assignments, and it sickens them. At some point, students procrastinate on the tasks until the deadlines approach.

At that level, it would be difficult to produce the best essay. Rushing through the assignments will only create writing errors that will be easily noticed by instructors if you have not corrected them. To escape the academic pressure the students prefer to spend the time taking part in social activities. They attend social gatherings with their friends getting to know them better while forgetting their academic troubles for a while. They indulge in alcohol and other illegal substances for a temporary feeling of happiness. When they wake up, they have a hangover from the alcohol bingeing, and they are still engulfed under the same academic work they left. Now they have to work on them while fatigued, tired and bored.